Ajover-Darnel is a group of leading petrochemical, construction, and packaging product manufacturers. We are strategically located to distribute our high-quality products worldwide.

Through our production plant network in the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Spain, Turkey, and Israel and our distribution centers located in four continents, Ajover-Darnel is equipped to distribute our products anywhere and anytime.

Our current customers are spread around the world, from the United States to Russia and Australia. In addition to our physical infrastructure, we have invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art information systems that provide an efficient and timely service.

PLANTA-CARTAGENACartagena – Colombia
PLANTA-MADRIDMadrid – Colombia
PLANTA-URUGUAYMontevideo – Uruguay
PLANTA-BRASILCuritiba – Brazil
PLANTA-ESTAMBULIstanbul – Turkey
PLANTA-NAARANNa’aran – Israel

Production Plants:

Each one of our production plants is certified under the NTC-ISO 9001:2000 International Standard and has specialized R&D laboratories to produce cutting-edge products, while maintaining strict quality standards.

Distribution Centers:

Our distribution centers guarantee a quick and efficient service worldwide. Whether shipments are to be made by land or sea, our logistics centers are strategically located to reach North and South America, Europe, and a large part of Asia.

Research and Development Centers:

The Ajover-Darnel R&D Department is constantly developing ideas and manufacturing new products that offer solutions to cover the needs of different markets through comprehensive technical research and implementation.